Ary, S.

I went in for a clinical acne facial and my skin has never looked this good the day after, Lindsey is a knowledgeable professional who is over qualified for what she does. One of the best estheticians hands down. She will help you get your skin looking it's best with great skincare recommendations as well

Olivia, R.

Lindsey truly is a one of a kind! She walks you through the process and helps you pick out the right treatment/ facial for you! She's so welcoming and makes sure you're comfortable throughout the entire process! The location is easy to find and in a quiet building with plenty of parking. Best esthetician in San Diego!

Melanie, R.

Lindsey is incredible. I have been so embarrassed about my acne breakouts, and Lindsey was so helpful and thoughtful in finding the perfect short-term and long-term care for my skin. During our session, she explained everything she was doing, to make sure I was comfortable.  She told me what I needed to do to keep my face clear. I had even brought in the current products I was using, and she assessed all of them to ensure I was not using anything harmful. Lindsey truly went above and beyond. She is the best, and I have no reason to ever go anywhere else. I feel fresh, confident, and pretty. Thank you, Lindsey!